An unique art project in the form of a poster magazine, which travels all over the world and exists on building walls in the streets and public spaces, both outdoors and indoors.
Barcelona / La fiesta mejor
Warsaw / Art Park
Warsaw / Powiśle
Żyradów / [V]iuro
Cracow / Design Attack
Wroclaw / Renoma
Warsaw High Street Window
Art&Design Barcelona Gallery
Liste Art Fairs / Basel /
St. Moritz Bonus / Swiss
Saska Rock Bonus / Warsaw
Cannes / France
Warsaw / DAP Gallery
Art Bookshops & Art Fairs
Berlin / Street Gallery
past issue 2013: Random
Liste Art Fairs/ Basel 2014
I Never Read / Basel 2014
past issue 2014: Masuria
past issue 2015: Divas
opening Divas Issue 2015
Liste Art Fairs, Basel 2015
past issue 2012: Sex
past issue 2010: Animals
Liste Art Fairs,Basel 2016
Pop Up Store Sale, CSW, Warsaw
past issue 2016: 2016
past issue 2017: Infant
Warsaw Art Fairs,13.10.2017
Liste Art Fairs, Basel 2017
current issue 2019: Water
past issue 2018: Summer
Liste Art Fairs, Basel 2019
Liste Art Fairs, Basel 2018