8.02.2011 - 12.03.2011
Art&Design Barcelona gallery invited the Pleasure Poster Magazine to contribute to the “Wallpaper” project. Participating artists presented works in the form of a cover for a vinyl record (31/31 cm). This format was chosen to stress the importance of a vinyl record as an icon of the 20th-century art.
polski /
8.02.2011 - 12.03.2011
Hiszpańska Galeria Art&Design Barcelona zaprosiła Pleasure Poster Magazine do udziału w projekcie Wallpaper. zaproszeni artyści wykonali prace w formacie klasycznej okładki płyty winylowej 31/31 cm, w hołdzie temu zjawisku w kulturze XX wieku.
Wallpaper in Art&Design Barcelona, Spain
A unique art project in the form of a poster magazine, which travels all over the world and exists on building walls in the streets and public spaces, both outdoors and indoors.